I found Rebecca through a Facebook group and I feel so grateful that our paths crossed that day! My Pinterest was stuck in the dark ages - I had no clue what I should be doing! Rebecca patiently worked with me, she sent me screen shots of what I should be doing and even made a video walking me through the processes. I was very, very impressed with her professionalism and the systems that she clearly has in place for her on-boarding process. It made me feel very comfortable and safe working with her - I’ve already recommended her to several people and will definitely continue to do so!

Rebecca is one of the best investments I have made in my business so far! Not only can she do the tasks I give her quicker than me, she does them better too, leaving me with time to do the things I’m good at in my businesses. Rebecca is personable, approachable and full of great ideas. I’m not great at letting things go but knowing I’m giving them to someone who I have complete trust in makes it much easier. she gets me and my brand which is so important! I’ve had more time to coach others and see great results + I’m less stressed which is lovely!

I know my target client loves Pinterest and that my account needed a lot of work to get it to a good state to attract clients, however didn’t have the time or knowledge to get it to the level that Rebecca could. I could see how knowledgeable she is in this area from the Facebook group we’re both in. My account looks amazing and Rebecca has explained what I now need to do to maintain it. I’m so pleased with the results and I can’t wait for clients to start seeing it! Rebecca is an absolute pleasure to work with, along with being extremely personable and professional. She is knowledgeable in Pinterest and all social media, plus what is needed as a whole to create a consistent message to your potential client through these sources. She has worked wonders in the time and I would thoroughly recommend her services.
— Amy Louise Hatch

Rebecca has supported me on Michael Buble’s debut fragrance, Travelex and other client projects - by bringing the strategy to life through communities, in the crucial role of Community Manager. Rebecca takes initiative and I trust her ability to drive actions forward. I very much see her as a core member of my team.

Rebecca is an incredibly skilled writer and content strategist who works hard to really understand your voice and brand values. She goes the extra mile and her due care and diligence in producing the best quality work is second to none. I feel completely assured that if I need assistance with content, she can take my thoughts and make them engaging. I highly recommend her!

Rebecca has gone out of her way to help me with my brand on numerous occasions. No question has been too much and she has always come back with helpful solutions and advice. Really happy with the service I have received and will no doubt be in touch again in the future.

Working with Rebecca was a wonderful investment in myself and my future. Not only did she help me find clarity on my purpose, she helped me create a plan, structure and guidelines for it too, all of which were fully tailored to me. Prior to us working together, content and marketing felt so challenging. Now it feels like an adventure.

Since working with Rebecca, I’ve felt like such a load has been lifted off my shoulders. There are so many things to remember, learn and consider, but Rebecca asked the right questions to get me thinking about my content focus. I highly recommend her to anyone feeling lost or ready to take their content to the next level.

Rebecca has helped me enormously over the last few months with content for my accounts, as well as various other projects. She is always pro-active, accommodating and knowledgable. She is a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Not only does Rebecca provide top strategies and best practises, but she allows you to open your mind to a whole other level of content marketing. It’s made me realise how many mistakes I have made, but I now accept these as part of my learning journey. It’s given me the energy and passion back.

I heard Rebecca was sh*t hot, so I booked her to get a job done that I couldn’t manage. Rebecca tackled a task that I had no time to do. Her determination and organisation as a VA, is second to none and she helped me to get bookings on my new course. I’ll definitely use her services again!

Rebecca really listened to what I needed and was on hand for so much after support too. Very easy to understand info and so helpful.

Rebecca was able to do a job that I never found time to do - designing our contract forms. Her on-boarding process was marvellous and she was SO helpful, efficient and fast
— Jane Farnham