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Ghostwriting for blogs and digital media

£55 per 500 words


Writing isn't everyone's strong point, I get that. But it's also time-consuming for the busy entrepreneur. Online content isn't just about the words. It involves understanding SEO, knowing what types of content your ideal clients and customers are looking for, formatting, structuring and copywriting in a way that not only makes sense but encourages readers to take action. These are all things that I've spent the past 9+ years learning and continue to do so in this ever-changing online world. I know the importance of evergreen, pillar content and that's why I never deliver anything less.



Topic suggestions for approval, 500 - 1000 words per post written, creation/sourcing of relevant imagery including full credit where applicable, editing, proofreading and optimising for social media shares and search engines.

NB: I abide by all ASA and copyright laws, and follow all guidelines by Google.

I write for coaching, branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, beauty and self-development niches.



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