Rebecca Viner


I started out as a blogger, using the platform to propel my personal brand. What began with photographing live music events all around the UK and creating supporting content online, turned into five years of capturing shots and writing reviews of the latest beauty and lifestyle products.

Over the years I have worked with agencies and clients like John Lewis & Partners, BRASS, Under The Influence, COTY, Estée Lauder Companies, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, NiQuitin, Michael Bublé Fragrances and Travelex, and have coached bloggers, entrepreneurs and brands on how to work with PRs, influencers, journalists and their audience in the most effective way for all.

Since that very first time I hit publish and started marketing myself online over eight years ago now, I knew I had found my passion. I'm now living my dream getting to help other businesses to get the most out of their online presence.

But here's the thing, I believe too many brands are still stuck when it comes to content marketing, community management and communications (or are missing a huge opportunity to grow because they haven't invested in them purposefully yet). With good intentions but out-of-date strategies and limited resources, brands find themselves just getting by online when they could be excellingThat's why I offer strategy and management for your core marketing channels for companies of all sizes, both client and agency sides.

I'm here to help you to make the ever-changing digital space work for you.


My Experience

  • I've helped entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, agencies, corporate and consumer brands to plan, launch, implement, nurture, optimise and up-level their online presence - seeing fantastic results across the board.

  • I've supported brands to go from 0-11k Facebook page likes with organic and paid media (in less than 6 months), made social media the #1 acquisition channel for e-commerce websites (from no social presence), stream global launch events, work on campaigns with influencers, increase sales, run partnership contests, streamline market communications, escalate matters, create tone of voice/response guidelines, audit and analyse their online presence, train teams, and manage accounts.

  • I've worked with clients from a variety of industries including fashion and beauty, weddings and events, photography, home decor, food and drink, brand and web design, marketing and advertising, life and business coaching, education, music, motorsports, travel, health and wellbeing, finance, lifestyle and pharmaceuticals.

  • I have diplomas in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Your Business, Web Design, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Excel, along with 8 years experience.


As Seen On


My Background

2008 - I started blogging about live music events due to a keen interest in event photography, having seen 500+ artists (from One Direction, Michael Bublé and Justin Bieber to Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember and Enter Shikari). After an operation which meant I had to learn to walk again, I unfortunately couldn't continue to create new content for this which led me to work on my next passion project.

2009 - I started a new blog about beauty and lifestyle products - a second love of mine and an increasingly popular niche. Through a strong SEO and social media strategy, I consistently hit 6-figure traffic stats each month. I monetised this blog through affiliate income & sponsored posts, and worked with PR agencies/brands across the globe on content creation and influencer marketing campaigns. I loved this and the opportunities that came from hard work, but it was became clear that I was destined for another new challenge after five years.

2014 - I rebranded my blog due to the vast number of people seeking my guidance. Within one year I left my job as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant to blog and coach others full time. I created various digital products (e-books, online courses and workshops), and saw my blog posts each shared over 10,000 times on social media. After taking a few months off at the end of 2015 to focus on my health, I made a key decision to delete my online presence in attempt to start afresh with less pressure and consumption in my daily life. 

2016 - I reevaluated my goals and realised my big vision of helping businesses with strategy and management. This gave me the opportunity to put my love of consultancy, optimisation and nurturing online communities and relationships into practise each and every day. I've since worked with hugely inspiring businesses globally and continue to do so, with word-of-mouth being my biggest source of clients.


My Values

  • I take a personable and adaptable approach to working with clients.

  • I am committed to staying on top of new trends, tools, policies and features in content marketing, community management and communications.

  • I focus on collaboration, healthy competition, and social listening.

  • I am upfront about expectations from both sides, honest, reliable, caring, trustworthy and flexible within the boundaries we've agreed.

  • I like to keep things human, light-hearted, fun, creative and meaningful - just like my clients do.

  • I believe in dedication to every project, no matter how big or small, short or long.

  • I truly want to make a difference to those that hire me and their customers, clients and community too.

  • I put these values at the heart of everything I do.